Glenn Beck screams at Obama: Why don't you just set us on fire?

Inside Cable News calls this an Olbermann moment. It isn’t, exactly — Olby takes his Special Comments way too seriously to indulge in the sort of shtick with gasoline that Beck tries here — but it’s close enough. We’re not even three months into Obama’s term and already he’s screaming on air. How’s he going to deal with another three-plus years? What’s especially weird is the instant transition from light-hearted sight gag to seething outrage. Either he’s acting or his mind is … highly nuanced. Watch Bill Schulz try to stay in character as the drama unfolds.

As for amnesty, former McCain ad man Mark McKinnon thinks it’s a master stroke by Obama to pursue it now since the GOP backlash will ensure even more Hispanic support for the Democrats during the midterms. Doesn’t that depend on whether the Democratic Congress kills it or not?