Palin spokesman: No, her legal defense fund hasn't launched yet

A public service announcement in case you read that HuffPo item I linked in Headlines this morning and thought of reaching for your checkbook: Don’t bother. Neither she nor her legal team can accept money from unofficial defense funds, no matter how noble their intentions.

The continuing generosity of Alaskans and Americans is overwhelming as many reach out to assist Governor Sarah Palin and her family with their legal bills.

However, the official legal defense fund for Governor Sarah Palin has not been formed and the Governor cannot accept monies for those obligations from any other entity than the one in formation. Numerous federal and state laws to need to be abided by and the official legal defense fund will have very strict donation guidelines.

We thank everyone interested in helping the Governor. The best way to assist her will be through this official fund which will launch later this month.

The guy who put it together claims he’s working with her lawyers to make the fund official, but by the time that happens, her own fund will probably be ready to go. With almost no publicity, he managed to raise $1,100 of the $500K she needs in a single day. Imagine how she’ll do after a guest shot on Glenn Beck or whatever. If he’s eager to help out with some cash, though, here’s an idea: How about raising some money for Levi to help him find his sense of shame?