100,000 Brits download certificates of "de-baptism"

The revolution cometh. We haven’t had a good religious food fight in the comments lately, so consider this your opportunity. Just to spice things up, a quote from Archbishop Chaput

I wrote my book,” Render Unto Caesar” to answer the question we’re talking about today: What are the political obligations of Catholics? My answer is very simple: The political duty of Catholics is to be Catholic first — to know their faith and to think and act like faithful Catholics all the time. That includes their life in the public square, which means it also includes an obligation to promote policies and candidates that reflect the natural law, the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the social and moral teachings of his church.

…followed by the results of a Gallup poll taken over the last three years showing that Catholics are no more inclined to oppose abortion or embryonic stem-cell research than non-Catholics. In fairness, Catholics who attend church regularly differ widely from Catholics who don’t (i.e. “cultural Catholics,” which I was for a long time), but even among the regulars the Pope’s counsel on certain hot-button topics is ignored: 53 percent think premarital sex and embryonic stem-cell research are morally acceptable, and 52 percent think the death penalty is. Toss in the fact that 50 percent of white Catholics say atheists will go to heaven and you’ll see why I prefer them to Protestants. A toast to those who don’t take their religion seriously!

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