Video: Oakland salutes its four murdered police officers

Clip via Noel Sheppard, who’s assembled an exhaustive video round-up on the murders at Newsbusters. He’s got footage of the infamous Marxist rally in support of the murderer over there too, but I couldn’t bear to watch it let alone post it. Content yourself with this, and with the LA Times’s evocative story on yesterday’s memorial service:

A large blue curtain parted and the coffins were rolled out, one by one. Each was escorted by officers as pallbearers and by immediate family. A bagpipe and drum corps, composed mainly of San Francisco police officers, played a medley of “Dawning of the Day” and “Going Home.”

The last coffin to emerge was that of Sakai who, among other duties, served as a K-9 officer.

When his casket had been placed in a row with the others, each before their respective family members, Sakai’s partner, a German shepherd named Doc, was brought in on a leash. The dog stood at the casket and barked several times before being led away.

Officers from all over North America — Canadian Mounties, too — showed up, a welcome gesture of solidarity in a city where respect for the force has suffered of late. This will change that, but what a price.