Glenn Beck to Michelle: Are you worried about Obama's mandatory volunteerism plan?

If ever there was a segment with potential for GB to veer off into Alex Jones territory, this was it, but it ended up both (relatively) subdued and informative thanks to a sterling turn by the boss. Read her column yesterday on this if you haven’t yet. The real worry here isn’t mandatory volunteerism (oxymoron duly noted), as that provision’s been stripped out of the bill — for now — but an ever-bloating federal bureaucracy and the politicization of civic groups to partisan ends. Consider this the ultimate “What if Bush did it?” hypothetical. Exit question for lawyers and law professors: Is compulsory national service constitutional, at least during peacetime? No privacy implications in being conscripted to serve the state absent a national emergency?

Update: You’ll be cheered to know that the Senate version of the GIVE Act passed this afternoon, 79-19. Here’s the roll. Among those voting yes was our former Republican nominee.