Video: The obligatory "conservative MEP eviscerates Gordon Brown" clip; Update: Too soon to judge Obama, says MEP

In which a tough couple of days for Keynesians in the European Parliament suddenly turns bloody. If you didn’t follow Drudge’s link and watch this earlier, watch it now. Same effect as seeing a boxer trap his opponent in the corner and connect with a flurry of power punches: Is it the poetry or the sheer brutality that makes it so impressive? Or is it the contrast with Boehner and Mitch McConnell lumbering around the ring, day after day?

Here’s his YouTube page, chock full of more in this vein, and here’s his blog, in which he marvels at the ability of the ‘Net to turn a backbench parliamentarian into an international fiscal conservative hero overnight. Exit question: We’re all agreed that Hannan gets to deliver the GOP’s response to next year’s State of the Union, yes?

Update: Eh, not quite the conservative dreamboat we hoped he’d be: He’s anti-stimulus but willing to give The One a few more months before pronouncing judgment.

Well, I won’t deny that Obama has done plenty of irritating things, ranging from the idiotic stimulus package to the way he dissed the Prime Minister (yes, I know the man’s a clot, Mr President, but he’s our clot; and, tired as you may have been, I suspect the Royal Marines in their Forward Operating Bases in Helmand, fighting a war that few of your allies will touch, are pretty drowsy too).

On the other hand, the US remains more popular than it has been for years, and Obama’s own approval ratings, though fallen, are well above the vote he received in November.

The only fair answer I can give is that it’s too early to say.