George Soros: "I'm having a very good crisis"

It’s a comfort to know not everyone’s suffering in this horrible global recession. I guess sometimes the good guys do finish first.

Remember that Jake DeSantis letter to AIG this morning and how sympathetic it made you feel about the plight of our plucky financiers? Prepare to be cleansed.

George Soros, who predicted the global financial crisis twice before, was one of the few people to anticipate and prepare for the current economic collapse…

And while the financial crisis continued to deepen across the globe, the 78-year-old still managed to make $1.1 billion last year.

‘It is, in a way, the culminating point of my life’s work,’ he told national newspaper The Australian.

So saith the man who broke the Bank of England, twirling his new Snidely Whiplash mustache. Exit question one: What’s he going to do with that billion? The left could always use a few more media-watchdog smear sites, I guess. Exit question two: I do a lot of goofing on our more conspiratorial-minded readers — birth-certificate Truthers, NAU believers, Glenn Beck fans, etc — but since the news is slow, I’m going to throw it open in the comments. What dastardly secretive collusion does Soros’s windfall prove? Did he support The One because he knew that his economic plan would further ruin the global economy, enabling a Soros profit? Or did Obama do that for him unbidden, as a solid? I knew Geithner looked shifty!

Update: The obligatory bailout sketch re-post.