Quotes of the day

“A central aspect of the plan, which has already been announced by the administration, would give the government greater authority to take over and resolve problems at large troubled companies not now regulated by Washington, like insurance companies and hedge funds.

That proposal would, for instance, make it easier for the government to cancel bonus contracts like those given to executives at the American International Group, which have stoked a political furor. Under the proposal, the Treasury secretary would have the authority to seize and wind down a struggling institution after consulting with the president and upon the recommendation of two-thirds of the Federal Reserve board.”

“You take a look around you, the genuinely successful people that you see who you want to be did not check their individualism at the door when they started their work. They didn’t check their self-interests at the door, and they didn’t check their self-respect, and they didn’t turn over the belief in themselves to somebody else. That’s all I’m talking about and that’s under assault by this administration, which wants to control and limit freedom, ’cause the only way Obama can get the power he wants and the Democrats can get the power they want is if you willingly turn it over to them, by getting rid of your self-interest, your self-respect and holding your best interests at heart. Your best interests do not coincide with your government’s, especially now.”