Special Olympian bowler to Obama: Let's do this

TMZ’s trumping up a silly challenge but it’s a good excuse to watch the video below, which couldn’t be sweeter. My favorite take on l’affaire Leno is Dave Weigel saying, “Obama should clarify: he meant to say that Special Olympians were doing an awesome job, and that Geithner is retarded.” Which is either (a) very funny or (b) horrifying, depending on how your personal politically calculated faux-outrage meter is calibrated. Also funny/horrifying: Treacher’s list of one-liners Barack the Insult Comic didn’t get around to last night. The one about She-Hulk had me hysterical — with righteous indignation. Exit question: One of Jeff Goldstein’s points in his debate with Patterico over Rush Limbaugh is that it’s a grave mistake for conservatives to play by the left’s rhetorical rules. Isn’t that what we’re doing by beating up on The One for a very mildly politically incorrect joke, though? Click the image to watch.