Santelli: Forget the stupid AIG bonuses and get angry about the bailouts

Via Greg Hengler and Townhall. The boss has been hammering away at this same point for the better part of 24 hours, but I suspect she and Santelli are both expecting too much if they think public outrage will transfer from the bonuses to bailouts generally. The One has a trump card he can play with the latter that he can’t with the former — namely, necessity, the idea that the fragility and complexity of today’s financial world ensures that if any one pillar goes down, the whole structure will come down with it. Since no one really understands the magnitude of the problem, no one’s in a position to seriously challenge that hypothesis. Hence the outsized outrage for what amounts to chump change in the form of the bonuses, a rare aspect of the crisis that people can easily understand and channel their anger into. I wonder when the next TARP infusion into AIG will be.