Video: Cramer goes nuclear on Obama, White House rips Cramer

I think he’s worked up here but I can’t tell for sure: Much like Glenn Beck, because his default state is one of unnerving intensity, it’s hard to tell when he feels passionately about something from when he’s behaving normally. But here he is on last night’s show, teetering between Hayekian wisdom and madness in laying blame for the Dow’s downturn at the feet of Zeus’s Olympian throne. These aren’t the comments that caused Gibbs to take a shot at him at today’s White House presser, incidentally; those came on the Today show this morning, but were really just a precis of his longer argument here. Follow the link to TV Newser for the vid and Gibbs’s reaction (which, in fairness, isn’t inaccurate). Exit quotation from Cramer: “This is the greatest wealth destruction I’ve seen by a president.”