Video: Olby and Garofalo salute Michael Steele's racial "self-loathing"

Via the ‘Busters. Nothing new here — just the TV equivalent of those blackface photoshops the nutroots barf up periodically — but it’s interesting to watch the smear go mainstream on the left’s flagship “news” show. Watch the whole clip and see for yourself what passes for Murrow-esque journalism on MSNBC: A D-list actor treating Rush Limbaugh to armchair psychoanalysis about his alleged self-loathing and how women who find him attractive aren’t terribly unlike Eva Braun. (Fun fact: Not only has Garofalo admitted to hating herself in interviews, she actually named her production company “I Hate Myself.”) The segment ends, naturally enough, on a note of demonization so nasty and sweeping that it would warrant a 17-minute Special Comment if it came from someone on the right towards the left. But then, that’s always been the irony of “Countdown.” The ersatz Howard Beale, railing nightly against demagogues like O’Reilly, slips effortlessly into the most grotesque demagoguery himself so long as it “means well.” Anyway, enjoy.