Comedy gold: The end of the NYU occupation

Don’t be daunted by the length. This is 24 karat. To set the scene: A student group holed up in the campus cafeteria last week for three days with a list of demands including, among various other items, scholarships for Palestinian students, greater budgetary transparency, and complete amnesty for themselves, of course. On day three, NYU got bored with taking them semi-seriously and moved to end it. This picks up, I believe, right around this point in the story…

The end became evident at 10 a.m. when four student negotiators went up to the sixth floor of the building to talk with NYU officials – and were ambushed by campus cops.

After that, cops tore down the barricades barring the entrance to the third-floor cafeteria and started evicting the Take Back NYU! Coalition protesters.

The offenders have been banned from all student buildings until their expulsion hearings, according to the Daily News. As for what you’re about to see, like Gutfeld, I’m almost speechless. To be this far over the line into self-parody and yet somehow oblivious to it is hard to fathom; it feels like satire, but it isn’t. I’ll leave you with Gut’s litmus test: “This footage should be mandatory viewing for every young person in America. If the person watching sympathizes with these students, then you know she or she is beyond hope.” Please observe your official content warning and click the image to watch.