New AG Holder: When it comes to race, America is a "nation of cowards"

So saith the first black Attorney General, appointed by the black president we cowardly Americans just elected — which, last time I checked, is one more than any European country’s ever elected — during a speech honoring America’s officially recognized Black History Month. The key bit comes about a minute in. There’s nothing shocking about this, unless it’s how pedestrian it is. It’s the same old nonsense about having an “honest” conversation on race, which typically means agreeing root and branch with the leftist position on any policy issue that touches that subject (e.g., illegal immigration) on penalty of being called a racist. The boss notes the irony of Holder uncorking this on a day when “civil rights leader” Al Sharpton is demagoging the hell out of the New York Post for an innocent cartoon, but there’s an irony even more sublime here: Obama himself did everything he could to avoid race during the campaign — aside from the occasional insinuation that McCain’s a bigot — until the Wright uproar forced his hand. He could have used his platform to push the issue front and center but he decided he’d rather get elected. Holder owes his job to that, ahem, cowardice.