Video: Megyn Kelly outrageously outraged at PETA's lesbian ad

I’ve watched this three times and still can’t pinpoint what her problem is. That it’s titillating? That it’s same-sex (which is surely what’s offending some of the complaining viewers)? That PETA thinks vegetarians are sexy and meat-eaters are the “scum of the earth”? The critique seems to shift minute by minute — but no matter. She’s developed such a knack for the righteously indignant, needlessly combative interview that I’ll be shocked if she doesn’t have her own show by the end of the year. Maybe the 3 p.m. slot in lieu of Shep or the 10 p.m. in lieu of Greta? Whichever it is, she should follow Olby’s lead and book nothing but liberals, the loonier the better so that we’re assured plenty of verbal grenade-tossing. Imagine an hour each day of Killer here throwing roundhouses at whatever target Fox places in front of her. Awesome.