Flashback: Obama promises to allow five days of public comment before signing bills

An oldie but goodie courtesy of aptly-named commenter “democratslied.” The final draft of the stimulus was posted on the White House website for comment Friday afternoon. Word came down today that The One plans to sign it on Tuesday. You do the math. Politifact already busted him for breaking this promise, in fact, when he signed SCHIP before the five-day waiting period had expired. But who cares? It was a sham promise from the moment it escaped his lips. Does anyone seriously believe some commenter’s going to deter him from signing New Deal II when weeks’ worth of angry phone calls to Congress haven’t? This is the sort of empty gesture that means a lot to people who don’t pay much attention to politics but want to “feel good” about government again — in other words, to the average Obama cultist. Note to The One: If you really give a wet dump about transparency, try relaxing your manufactured “emergency” deadlines so that our representatives can read a trillion-dollar spending bill before they vote on it.