Hey, who's up for giving money to the octuplets' mom?

You say you’re pro-life. Now’s your chance to prove it.

“We put it together because of the massive public interest in Nadya and her family,” Killeen told FOXNews.com Wednesday. “We wanted to give people the ability to make donations and send comments to the family.”

Killeen said donations have already poured in, including books, clothing, cribs, bedding and diapers.

“People have been calling us from around the world trying to make donations,” Killeen said. “We needed to provide a vehicle where people could write to the family or make donations because everyone wants to donate.”

Here’s the site. Worried that she’ll just roll the dough over towards another round of fertility treatments? Don’t be. She’s totally, honestly, completely, seriously done having kids now. Besides, she still has grad school to pay for and, quite possibly, new collagen injections before there’s any thought of IVF. Look at it this way: Since caring for the kids will cost millions and California’s already bankrupt, it’ll be federal bailout money that ends up footing the bills. That is to say, we’re all “donating” already. Might as well do your part now.

Here’s the first bit of the “Dateline” trainwreck interview; if you’re inexplicably hungry for more, dive in. Exit question: What’s Plan B if the website doesn’t work out? A poignant appeal during the Q&A portion of a Barack Obama revival meeting?