Open thread: The "If we don't spend a trillion dollars then the terrorists have already won" presser

8 p.m. ET around the dial. Skip the first 10 minutes if you have to; the fun won’t start until the Q&A. Watch for (a) whether The One has the stones to claim the Senate bill was bipartisan, (b) how soon and hard he’s pressed about the fact that TARP II is likely to be “far bigger” than the stimulus, and (c) whether the health-care provisions being buzzed about at the boss’s blog have trickled up onto the media’s radar yet. With Netanyahu and Likud on the verge of returning to power in Israel, we’re bound to see a question about Israeli hawkishness affecting negotiations with Iran, too. I wonder if he’ll offer even a pro forma statement about Iranian nukes being “unacceptable.”

A lot of minds are going to change tonight. I can feel it.