Laura Ingraham to Specter: Do you enjoy being wined and dined at the White House?

Via her producer, Tom Elliott. A cheap shot, but consider it rough justice for his help in pinching this $800 billion loaf. And for being uninformed: She’s quite right that Martin Feldstein may support a stimulus but emphatically doesn’t support this stimulus. Funny how that little postscript escaped Specter’s attention.

If you missed it in Headlines, here’s his op-ed in today’s WaPo that our commenters spent the morning merrily torching. See if you can find in it anything approaching a reasoned argument to vote for the bill. He’s got his bare assertions covered — four million jobs saved or created, etc etc — but there’s not a jot devoted to the long-term effect, and the best he can do by way of celebrating the spending cuts he was able to impose is to say that they’ll end up in the appropriations bill later. His bottom line: “Failure to act” would be irresponsible. Like I was saying.