Report: Palin to speak, Limbaugh to keynote at CPAC

Good lord. It’s grassroots Woodstock.

The annual CPAC convention of conservatives is expected to be a sellout because two huge names are coming to deliver red-meat speeches: Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin. We’ve got the whole list for you below. Limbaugh will play clean-up, speaking last on Saturday February, and organizers expect him to expand on fight with Obamacans over his recent comment: “I want him to fail.”

The schedule at the link says only that they’ve been invited, not that they’ve confirmed, but the fact that each has been given a specific time slot — Palin speaks in the showcase 4:30 slot on Thursday, the first day — presumably means they’re booked. Interestingly, the 4:30 slot on Friday goes to Ron Paul, proof positive that the GOP’s impressed with the ardor of the rEVOLution and eager to bring them and their money back into the fold.

The boss will be there as part of a Saturday afternoon panel on media in the age of Obama. Coulter makes her return to CPAC the same day, having been passed over last year in light of l’affaire Edwards the year before. Feel free to use the comments to guess what she’ll say this time to mar the whole event. Exit question: Doesn’t giving Rush the keynote amount to an admission that he is, in fact, the head of the party?

Update: The boss e-mails to say she’s not sure she’ll make the panel on Saturday. Ed will be on Blogger’s Row, though, so swing by and say hi if you’re there.

Update (Ed): I’ll be there all three days, and will be doing lots of interviews, or so I hope.  Can I get the biggest names to sit down with me?  We shall see …..