Must see: Mark Sanford carves up the stimulus

Eleven minutes, but they pass quickly thanks to his soft-spoken style. No histrionics, just Grade A red-meat fiscal conservatism. This issue is his chance to make an impression on the base ahead of 2012 and he knows it. Consider it made. Especially given how enthusiastic governors like Charlie Crist seem to be about the plan.

Mark Hemingway’s been dialing up Republican governors around the country and asking them where they stand on the bill. So far, out of 12 responses, he’s got only two unequivocal no’s — Rick Perry and Sanford, who, politics being politics, still can’t quite bring himself to promise he’ll turn down money for South Carolina if the bill passes despite his opposition to it. Palin is a late-breaking third no vote: She’s out with a statement tonight clarifying her position by emphasizing that she opposes the current bill but supports a stimulus of some kind. Quote:

The governor has strongly supported funding for infrastructure that creates good American jobs and will have a positive effect on the nation for generations to come.

“It’s a given that a stimulus package is needed and will happen,” Palin said. “With guaranteed spending on the table, I am arguing for needed construction projects and tax breaks that will truly stimulate the economy and create jobs, and against increased federal programs that will become a state’s unfunded mandate to continue funding for generations.”

I can’t tell if Sanford agrees or not. Is he against new spending categorically or just the current mishmash? Click the image to watch.