Paul Begala: The real leader of the GOP is a "corpulent drug addict"

Sounds like the wounds from the Clinton years haven’t healed yet. Tame stuff by the normal standards of left-wing commentary on Limbaugh, but still jarring given how seamlessly he transitions from his kind opening words for Michael Steele. Normal people have to build up to a shot this nasty; for Begala, I guess, it’s just background noise in his mind. But then, that’s why CNN pays him.

I missed this Politico piece the other day about Begala’s daily BS session with Rahm Emanuel, Carville, and Stephanopoulos, but some righty site I frequent (can’t remember which) picked it up and made a good point. Imagine, if you will, a Republican version, with on-air commentators at, say, Fox News having regular confidential phone briefings with Karl Rove or Josh Bolten or some other White House insider close to the president. Think Fox would have some ‘splaining to do about that?