Limbaugh: "I think bipartisanship's a joke"

Six minutes of contentious chitchat from CNBC about his stimulus proposal. Well, contentious between him and the male anchor; between Rush and Burnett, it was and is all good. She, at least, understands the point he was trying to make about wanting Obama to fail: It’s not that he has something against The One, it’s that he thinks liberal policies will steer the country into a ditch. All our savior has to do to get him to join the cult is reject them. Think it’ll happen?

Don’t look now but the public’s having a momentary crisis of faith in economic Hopenchange. Exit question: Now that Limbaugh’s getting into policymaking, does he have any ideas about how to finance TARP II? All we need is $2 trillion.

Update: Finally, something he and Pelosi agree on.