House vote on stimulus imminent; Update: 244-188, all Republicans vote no

They’re wrapping up floor debate on the last Republican amendment on C-SPAN 1 as I write this. Is the GOP really going to walk away from this crap sandwich or will the cocktail party at 1600 tonight be even chummier than hoped? A trillion dollars is a small price to pay for bipartisanship!

Prediction: 20 Republicans defect. Exit question: Who said it? “There is a temptation to expand direct interference of state in economy. In the Soviet Union that became an absolute. We paid a very dear price for that.”

Update: Final vote: 244-188. It was 242-190 moments before they gaveled it — with every last Republican voting no — but two no votes switched at the last minute and they didn’t say who they were. I assume they’re Blue Dogs, but I’ll check. Either way, for good or ill, this is entirely the Democrats’ baby now.

Update: Here’s the guest list on that White House shindig, which should be loads of fun after this vote.

Update: WaPo confirms that all 177 Republicans were among the nays.