Video: France has got a fee-vah and the only prescription is more Obama

I’m giving you the French and Spanish versions but there’s a page full of crap like this from all corners of Europe at CNN. Just click, choose “By Section” at the bottom, and then select “World.” The Spain video at least comes from a Democrats Abroad party; with France, I think they’re all locals getting a collective Matthews leg thrill at the thought of an end to simplisme. Sarkozy himself says he’s eager for The One to start “changing the world.” Read this and see, for all their orgasmic shrieking, how eager Europeans are to help him do it. “His very name [is] opening doors, as did his speech, to the rest of the world,” Obama mega-shill Andrea Mitchell assures us. Let me know when we see anything tangible by way of results.

And if you think the Israeli reaction might be more sober and cautious, think again.