Video: Palin's got a fee-vah and the only prescription is more Hopenchange

He used to pal around with terrorists but now he’s palling around with America! Five minutes of highlights from tonight’s Glenn Beck debut placing the ‘Cuda in the accommodationist camp with Tim Pawlenty and, presumably, any other governor who might need a bailout or two down the line. Note how she turns a question about Obama into an opportunity to plug people who don’t attend elite schools or have a title after their names. All part of the hockey mom/common man appeal, which Beck sets her up for a second time later with the question about Wendy’s.

Consider this a companion piece to this morning’s NYT story about Maverick becoming The One’s newest informal advisor. Commenters sneered at it in Headlines — surely we’re not about to trust the New York Times now, even though they’ve got Rahm Emanuel talking about this on the record — but CNN has sources in McCain’s own camp confirming the detail about Dennis Blair, at least. And on that note, here’s your photo of the day.