Romney: This is not the Barack Obama we thought we knew

Not an endorsement of Hopenchange but certainly not the rejectionism being practiced by Limbaugh, either. Is it fair to say the Hot Air readership agrees that The One’s cabinet picks, especially on national security, have been more centrist than our worst pre-election fears imagined? Or are we taking the Admiral Ackbar position that his momentary moderation is, indeed, a trap?

Weird to hear Mitt congratulating him on moving away from the left in one breath and then chatting up an $850 billion stimulus in the next. It’s a sign of the times, I guess, that supporting a trillion-dollar spending bill no longer instantly qualifies one as liberal. Exit quotation from Tim Pawlenty, inching even closer to accommodation than Romney: “We need to give him a lot of latitude. He wants to be forward-looking, forward-leaning, and we should give him some space in that regard.”