Is Obama meeting with Rush Limbaugh tonight? Update: Nope

Sounds nutty, I know, but Ambinder breaks news that The One’s dining with “conservative opinion leaders” in Maryland, evidently at George Will’s house. Among the attendees: Bill Kristol, David Brooks, and … anyone else?

Coincidentally, I got an e-mail from a reader shortly after noon noting that Limbaugh had a surprise guest host today who spent the beginning of the show dropping hints that Rush had been called away to urgent business in D.C. and that it might have to do with something he said yesterday about giving Obama advice. I ignored it — but now they’re dropping hints on the EIB homepage, too.

Is this happening? The One’s charm offensive is actually going to beat a path to the golden microphone? What’s next, drinks with Coulter? Exit question: Whither the blogosphere in a post-partisan age?

Update: No Rush at dinner, a source tells HuffPo.