Video: Obama press secretary promises to get rid of "don't ask, don't tell"; Update: Troops oppose

From The One himself promised this during the campaign, then stepped back a bit after the election, and now is stepping back up, no doubt due to the unpleasantness over Rick Warren. No timetable as to when — the Wash Times piece I linked suggests 2010 — but he needs to throw the left a bone and this is an easy one to throw. Skip ahead to 4:15 of the clip.

It’s not hard to guess which Friend of O will be used as media point man once the word comes down. Exit question: What’s with the weird close-up of Gibbs during the DODT answer? Just to show he means business?

Update: An Army Times poll taken last week shows that most active-duty troops oppose repealing the policy — and 10 percent say they’ll refuse to re-enlist if it’s withdrawn.