Video: John Ziegler and David Shuster yell at each other over Palin

A screaming match for your Friday afternoon entertainment. Shuster’s numbers are off, but not by much: It was 59 percent who thought she was unqualified to be VP, not 65.

Ace is right about the Palin interview, incidentally. Grievance is an unappealing quality in a politician, especially one whose media opportunities would be better spent showing off her policy chops ahead of 2012. She has endless surrogates willing to complain about the coverage on her behalf; doing it herself plays well with the base but at the price of diminishing her. Ironically, she herself once warned Hillary not to be perceived as a whiner. Funny what a campaign can do.

Which is not to suggest that she’s blowing smoke. Via Gateway Pundit, here’s the latest from the Anchorage Daily News. They’re still pursuing the “Trig is really Bristol’s son” smear.