Angry clown certified as winner in Minnesota Senate race

Everyone’s already read the Journal’s analysis of funny business in the recount but I’ll link anyway. The last pre-certification court challenge having been extinguished this morning, the canvassing board seals the deal. Much more depressing than the Burris appointment, and maybe even more depressing than Caroline being picked.

Well, no. Not more depressing than that.

Coleman’s lawyer, Tony Trimble, sent around a statement vowing to fight on in court, but read David Freddoso to see how many breaks would have to go Coleman’s way at this point — essentially, a mirror image of the breaks Franken got during the recount process. As Freddoso says, because state law requires a seven-day waiting period before the certification can be signed by the governor and secretary of the state, Franken’s momentarily in the same position as Burris. Does that mean the Democrats will turn him away tomorrow too? Of course not. They’re going to try to seat him anyway.

An aide to Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said the issue of whether to seat Franken should be “moot” because “he doesn’t have a certificate.” He suggested that any move to seat Franken this week would draw fire from Republicans.

“That would be a big deal,” the aide said.

So that’s two showdowns on the floor tomorrow. Coleman’s term officially expired on Saturday, incidentally; the locks on the door to his Senate office have already been changed. Exit question: Does he sue or does he concede? Smart money’s on the latter.