Injured Palestinian girl: Hamas is the cause of all wars

A haunting clip from an outfit that specializes in them: Portrait of a human shield, her four-year-old sister one of 60 civilians killed in IAF strikes so far (versus 300+ Hamas personnel), under no illusions about where the blame lies. I wish I could tell you she represents Palestinian sentiment generally, but I can’t. Note, though, that this aired not on an Israeli network but on Palestinian Authority TV. Is Fatah triangulating? Hmmmmmmm.

Below that you’ll find new footage from the IAF targeting Hamas jihadis loading rockets into a pick-up; the vid was inexplicably omitted from their YouTube channel but salvaged by LiveLeak. They’re determined to fight the propaganda war this time with new media. Perhaps, er, overly determined.

Update: Not inexplicably omitted after all. Turns out YouTube, which happily ignored reams of jihadist propaganda on the site until Joe Lieberman literally made a federal case out of it, pounced on this one and pulled the clip for being too darned graphic. Disgraceful.

Update: Commenters think the PATV clip is nothing more than a Pallywood production staged by Fatah to make Hamas look bad. Sweet, zesty irony if so.