Tee hee: Palin's sort of "palling around" with drug dealers now, notes Olby

An important lesson on guilt by association from a man who surely never would have objected if John McCain had once worked with, say, an unrepentant abortion clinic bomber. I can’t decide which part is my favorite: Is it Kayo comparing The One’s knowing, voluntarily association with a terrorist to Palin being saddled months ago with an in-law who was busted just this week? Or is it him using Palin’s own supposed lack of empathy to declare open season on this story, replete with nasty drug jokes from an actual comedian about what Bristol Palin’s baby should be named? It gets tiresome pointing out Olbypocrisy, but try to imagine his reaction if one of Joe Biden’s in-laws was arrested for possession and O’Reilly spent a segment overtly goofing on it.

Oh, and this being “Countdown,” there’s at least one key detail that’s hugely misleading. Turns out Sherry Johnston apparently wasn’t busted for meth but for oxycontin. Olby could have waited to find that out instead of speculating, but why bother when meth jokes are so much more fun? That’s the Murrow way, after all.

Update: In case it’s not clear, I believe this aired on Thursday night’s show, not last night’s.