Palin: No pay raise for me, thanks

Good politics, good sense. She was absent from the state for two months; she got a monster raise just two years ago; state revenue is down thanks to the crash in oil prices; and the polish this will put on her fiscal conservative cred is worth more than the money anyway, especially with Blago in the news.

A new state commission appointed by Palin recommends boosting the governor’s pay from $125,000 to $150,000. The State Officers Compensation Commission says the lieutenant governor, department heads and legislators need more money too.

But if the commission pushes ahead with a pay raise, Palin won’t accept the money, said spokesman Bill McAllister.

“Her view is, it’s just not appropriate to accept a pay raise in the middle of the term.”…

It’s unclear if Palin would give the money to charity — as commission chairman Rick Halford predicted Tuesday — or simply not receive the extra pay.

Pay raises should go only to politicians who have excelled above and beyond all expectations — like, say, Congress. Exit question: How is this stupid, corrupt, and/or venal? An obvious explanation eludes me but I’ll be watching Olby and Maddow tonight to find out.