Video: Bush on faith and Christianity

One hundred comments in the Headline item means you’re probably interested in the clip. A far-ranging chat here with a few surprises (e.g., he doesn’t believe the Bible’s literally true), but predictably the conversation steers around to whether he thinks he’s on a mission from God that might, perchance, involve voices in his head giving him military advice. All part of the media’s Stillson-ification of evangelical hawks, for whom imputations of this sort are de rigueur. Although in fairness, depending on whom you believe, Bush may have gone further in his rhetoric at times than is customary.

The most interesting bit: The beginning of the second clip, when he talks about Christianity being but one “avenue” to the God whom believers of all faiths worship in common. A fine, politic answer, but in my Catholic days I was under the impression that the only path to salvation lay through Christ. Maybe I’m misremembering?