Breaking: Search for the real killers to be suspended for 15 years; Update: Fred Goldman unloads

Two clips, both delicious, one of this whimpering turd throwing himself a pity party, the other of the judge declining to attend. She emphasizes at 3:55 of the second vid that she didn’t take into account any matter not before the court. Right. Note the cross cuts to Fred Goldman sitting in the audience.

He and his wife daughter held a presser outside the courtroom but the clip’s not available yet. As soon as I have it, you will too. A fine ending to a slow week.

Update: It was worth the wait. “If our efforts for all these years of pushing him drove him to commit burglary, armed burglary, armed robbery, in Vegas — if that pushed him over the edge, great. Put him where he belongs.”
Jazz Shaw Dec 01, 2021 11:01 AM ET