McCain pollster: You know who I'd like to beat with a hammer? Frank Luntz

Inherently blogworthy, not so much on the merits as for the exciting possibility that threatening to bludgeon people is now part of mainstream political discourse. Too bad we didn’t know this last month: The flaming I got from some of our commenters for posting all those gloomy polls would have been a lot more entertaining.

“We had a very unpopular war and the most unpopular president in American polling history,” he explained, by way of summarizing the election. “We had a 70 percent wrong track and we were winning. We were winning. And what happened? We said that’s not hard enough for John McCain. We should implode the financial markets. And what happens? We go from 70 percent wrong track to literally 90 percent.”

Unrestrained by the formalities of the election, McInturff levied some sharps words at fellow GOPers who — generally speaking — never really were bullish on the idea of a McCain presidency. The most biting jabs were saved for communications guru Frank Luntz.

“I saw Frank Luntz,” said McInturff, “who is a moron — I want to make sure this is clearly on the record — he was talking to Republican governors, making fun of John for not being able to use a BlackBerry. The man can’t do it because he is much more disabled than people can imagine… I would like to take a hammer and start breaking bones in Frank’s arms.”

I think he means “I’d like to break his arms just so he can see firsthand how tough it is for McCain to use computers” — which it is — but let’s not spoil a good throwdown with rhetorical niceties. In Luntz’s defense, his aim with the Republican governors wasn’t to gratuitously goof on Maverick but to use his inexperience with computers as a metaphor for the huge advantage Team Barry had over Team McCain on the ‘Net. Quote:

Noting that Obama has an e-mail list of 10 million voters, Luntz said that coalition “makes him and his supporters the most powerful special interest group in all of America.”

“He’s got 10 million names and our candidate doesn’t know how to use this,” Luntz continued, holding up his BlackBerry in the air. “There is a problem there.”

It’s not about who’s better on the ‘berry, it’s about who did a better job of turning his online presence into cash and votes. Don’t kill the messenger — or, er, beat him with a hammer. Exit question: If Hillary does land at State and things turn predictably contentious, will she or The One be the first to threaten the other publicly with a crowbar?