Disputed Coleman-Franken ballots: You make the call!

The big A’s answer sheet:

1. Franken. Looks less like an arrow than a leaky pen.
2. Accept. If not, why not test each ballot for DNA too?
3. Reject. Please. The guy was testing his pen.
4. Franken. Self-explanatory.
5. Lizard people. He X’ed out the Franken oval.
6. Franken. Although people quite this stupid shouldn’t vote.
7. Coleman. Guy changed his mind, or else started filling in the wrong oval.
8. Franken. Please. Either a pen test or a change of mind.
9. Barkley. Arguably an even feebler challenge than the one AmSpec highlighted yesterday.
10. Barkley. See #8 above.
11. Reject. Looks like he was crossing out Franken, not underlining it, but too hard to tell.