Matthews: "I want to do everything I can to make ... this new presidency work"

Via the ‘Busters. A noble sentiment and a shining example of a journalist placing the national interest above all; no doubt the same principle would have colored MSNBC’s coverage going forward had McCain won, especially in primetime and especially when it came to not questioning motives. Scarborough observes, acidly, that wanting the president to succeed never seemed like a real high priority for the media vis-a-vis George Bush, but that’s easily explained. If you believe that anything that hurts the GOP’s election chances is ipso facto in the national interest, then it’s practically your patriotic duty to want Bush to fail, whatever the short-term (or long-term) collateral damage to America. Speaking of which, has NBC gotten around yet to formally downgrading Iraq from the
“civil war” status they declared two years ago or were they saving that for when the national interest and the president’s interest were once again safely aligned? With the election won for Obama and all of us eager to “experience the power of Change,” I’m anticipating an announcement any day now.