Video: Bush congratulates Obama

Today brings the ceremonial torch-passing, tomorrow the highly classified briefings to introduce hidden realities to Hopenchange. A nice show here from Bush. I look forward to reading at DU how it fits into his master plan to nullify the election and declare martial law.

The One is already mulling cabinet positions, of course. I wonder if we’ll really be so blessed as to have not one but two Kennedys among them. Exit question: Whither Maverick? Assuming he doesn’t retire, he can either tack back to the center and make nice with the Dems — which, given the recriminations he’ll be facing from the base for having failed, he’ll have plenty of incentive to do — or he can stake out a position as a conservative exemplar like that other guy from Arizona who got crushed by a far-left liberal. I know which way I’m betting. Whatever happens, though, he should look on the bright side: He was hardly the biggest loser last night.