Video: Palin votes in Wasilla

Another mid-day motivator for our swing-staters. Three points of note. First, her reaction halfway through to the new Troopergate report: “I tell you, you didn’t believe us. We told you that we had done nothing wrong!” Second, the extent to which she ignores her aides’ attempts to shoo reporters away. After two months of them trying to hush her up, she wants to chat, and chat she shall. And finally, her refusal to say who she voted for. Has the ‘Cuda caught a little Hopenchange fee-vah? (No.)

If the fates are unkind tonight, we’ve got maybe three more weeks of seeing her on TV — postmortem interviews here and there, plus the inevitable Barbara Walters sitdown — and then she’s gone, into the Alaskan ether until 2012. Heart-ache.