Video: McCain/Fey in '08

From SNL, two Maverick cameos plus that Affleck goof on Olbermann that caused Krazy to krash the set on Friday. McCain’s fine, although the material’s predictably weak and both segments boil down to how badly he’s losing. Not sure why he’d want to participate in reminding people of that, but the “sad grandpa” line almost makes it worth it. Note the scattered boos among the cheers when he’s introduced. Stay classy, SNL fans.

The Olby skit’s intriguing not because it’s funny but because it’s brutal and runs unusually (and unnecessarily) long, as if they extended it just to bloody him up a little longer. Why Affleck and the producers, as lefties, would want to do that — especially to a colleague at NBC — isn’t clear to me. Maybe it’s revenge for crashing the set or maybe this sentiment has leached out of MSNBC and into the network proper. Or maybe he just said something nasty to Lorne at some point in the hall. Either way, feels like score-settling. Robert Cox might have solved the puzzle: “I’d say the Hillary supporters on SNL have finally had their revenge.”

Update: Geraghty wonders, did McCain cross the line by symbolically blessing the goofs on Palin?