Video: New Obama ad goofs on Palin; Update: Ad remixed

A little something to stoke the GOTV fires six days out. Their ad team’s laid off her until now as far as I know; the only spot I can remember her appearing in was one released after she was named, the point of which was to claim that Bush, not Palin, is McCain’s real running mate. The fact that they’re now arguing the opposite shows you how poisonous they think she is to swing voters, backed by the WSJ poll released last week claiming she’s a bigger drag on the ticket than even Dubya. If they’re running this, they can’t be worried about her luring away PUMAs, either. That’s also in line with recent polls showing McCain’s support among Democrats either the same as or only negligibly bigger than The One’s support among Republicans.

Exit question: Time for an 18-minute highlight reel of Biden gaffes as retaliation from Team Maverick?

Update: A reader points to this by way of response.