Spectator to Palin: Do you support a new investigation of 9/11?

13,000+ views on YouTube and counting thanks to her surprise answer: She does indeed support it. Has the ‘Cuda gone Rosie on us? Nah. Her reasoning:

I do, cause I think that helps us get to the point of never again. Anything we can do to keep that reminder out there.

I.e., sure, because it’ll help us stay vigilant about jihadism — which of course isn’t at all what this guy has in mind. Consider this a case of a newbie not recognizing the agenda behind a question because she hasn’t been exposed to it long enough to know the code words. Note to S.P.: If anyone asks you whether you think fire can melt steel, the correct answer is, “It doesn’t have to melt it. It only has to weaken it.” Trust me.

The YouTube comments are, predictably, comedy gold. Exit quotation: “She’ll say anything guys. These are the people who Ok’d the attack for god’s sake.”