Shep Smith grills Joe the Plumber: Why is a vote for Obama a vote for "the death of Israel"?

What J the P should have said: “Ask Sarkozy” (who’s already issued a perfunctory denial of the Haaretz report, natch). Shep’s consumed here with the incongruity between Wurzelbacher’s accusation and The One’s consistently, and conspicuously, strong support of Israel on the stump, but one needn’t impute sinister motives to Obama — as JTP seems to do early on by mentioning his associations — to worry about the practical effect of his Middle East policy. The question today is the same as it was 18 months ago: Is Barry O prepared to enrage his base by sending the United States to war with these people if diplomatic efforts to stop the Iranian nuke program fail? Or will his “first-class temperament” lead him to back off and hope for the best? There are existential implications for Israel in the answer to those questions, even if you believe Obama has the best of intentions.

Exit question: Since Shep’s so keen to bring viewers the facts about St. Barack’s views on Israel, how’s about helping bloggers get to the bottom of this?