Obama: Don't expect any "sudden lurches to the left"

Via Ben Smith. The money quote:

I don’t think we’re going to have time to engage in a bunch of crazy things that people, the McCain campaign specifically, has suggested we might.

Reminds me of when he told a crowd he couldn’t take their guns even if he wanted to, which some interpreted as a tacit admission that he would if he could and I interpreted as simply his way of trying to reassure voters who won’t be persuaded about his intentions. The same people will seize on this as evidence that the only reason he’s staying away from craziness is because he won’t have time for it, but I think it’s another case of him trying to reach fencesitters whose suspicions have made them otherwise unreachable: I.e., “The bottom line is that you’re not going to get socialism from us, even if you refuse to believe that I think socialism’s ‘crazy.'”

This comes back to the central question of The One’s character, whether he’s a radical sympathizer (the Corsi theory) or whether he’s a hyper-ambitious pol who was and is willing to shake any hand that can further his own power (the Freddoso theory). If Freddoso’s right and if moderation is in fact the best way to consolidate Democratic gains in November, there’s at least a chance Obama would govern from the center-left. If either of those things isn’t true, then good luck, America.

A rather important exit question via Geraghty: Which policies specifically does Obama not consider “crazy”?