Speaker of Iranian parliament: We're pullin' for Hope and Change

Can’t fault his logic. If there’s one thing a fundie working on nuclear weapons should want in an enemy, it’s … “flexibility.”

“We are leaning more in favor of Barack Obama because he is more flexible and rational, even though we know American policy will not change that much,” Larijani said at a press conference during a visit to Bahrain…

Larijani, a leading figure in the conservative camp in Iran, also said the United States was too busy dealing with the global financial crisis to consider waging an attack on Iran.

“The risk was low before,” he said. “But now I am 100% certain that the United States will not unleash a war against Iran. The economic crisis has cost the United States $1.4 trillion and Washington is working to resolve its internal problems and not a war.”

Some of you will know who this guy is, most of you probably won’t. He’s no bit player; before he was speaker, he was Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator and before that he was one of the supreme leader’s national security advisors. He’s Khamenei’s fair-haired boy (and a bitter rival of Ahmadinejad), so when he purports to speak for the Iranian government, he’s not puffing.

You might be hearing this nifty little endorsement mentioned by McCain in the next few days, possibly in connection with the words “Biden” and “crisis.” Imagine the ads the weekend before election day: “Iran supports Obama” from Team Maverick and “Osama support McCain” from Team Barry. Awesome.

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