Video: Palin supports Federal Marriage Amendment

Normally I’d call this another reason for the base to love her, but the implications for federalism make me wonder how reaction will shake out. Althouse, who’s been pretty high on her (but isn’t a member of the base, needless to say), finds it “genuinely dismaying.” I find it more perplexing than anything else given that she’s on record recently as supporting a federalist approach to abortion. I can understand the opposite position, of banning abortion at the federal level via amendment (as Huckabee wants to do) but letting the states handle marriage on grounds that the dire moral imperative in protecting innocent life should trump normal conservative inclinations towards state rights, but what’s the argument for Palin’s vice versa? Is it simply a question of identifying which issue federal judges are more likely to tinker with at this point and taking that issue out of their hands before they can act? McCain shares that concern — but thinks that any amendment can and should come after a problematic ruling, not before. Click the image to watch.