Video: Birthday girl hits Obama on "socialist roots"

Birthday punches are duly administered, but to The One, not to her. Is the alarm sounded by Maverick over “spreading the wealth around” being heard? Well, eight percent of Ohioans and Missourians claim Joe the Plumber’s more likely to make them vote for McCain versus four percent and three percent for Obama, respectively. Doesn’t seem like much, but the final margin in both states is expected to be razor thin. More significantly, Gallup shows huge majorities are less interested in income redistribution than in fixing the economy — leaving open the question of what happens when redistribution schemes are linked (or, more cynically, spun as) fix-it attempts. That’s where you come in, media. Don’t let Barry down.

Lest anyone doubt that I have a tender side, here’s the card I sent the boss on her big day.