AP: FBI launches investigation of ACORN for voter fraud

A nationwide investigation, do note.

A senior law enforcement official confirmed the investigation to The Associated Press on Thursday. A second senior law enforcement official says the FBI was looking at results of recent raids on ACORN offices in several states for any evidence of a coordinated national scam.

Both officials spoke on condition of anonymity because regulatons forbid discussing ongoing investigations particularly so close to an election.

Meanwhile, Brunner clutches her database of mismatched registration forms and begs Justice Stevens not to make her turn it over to the county election boards. And here’s FNC this morning following the boss’s lead with some airtime for the Palestra story about shenanigans on Brownlee Avenue. A prosecutor’s investigating that, too. Exit question: What if the feds come back and report that they’ve found some cases of fraud but nothing on a mass scale? Will that conclusion be accepted or is the “ACORN’s fixing the election” meme already too far gone?